Pewsey Pavilion Update – November 2019

Since obtaining funding from Sport England and Pewsey Parish Council building work has accelerated rapidly. The first goal of completing the bar and social area is largely completed. We have some basic toilet facilities and all flooring for the social areas are completed as are the basic structures for all the rooms. We have hung all of the doors and we have installed a new kitchen. All first fix electrical and plumbing works are completed. Fire and burglar alarms are fitted and functional.

Over the next couple of weeks we expect to complete the installation of a heating oil tank which will allow us to commission the underfloor heating system. Second fix plumbing will then commence in order to complete all the toilet and kitchen areas and provide hot water and hand drying facilities.

We expect to have all this work completed by Christmas.

In parallel we expect to start work on the changing rooms, this will involve plastering, decorating, tiling of the shower areas, (a specialist job) floor tiling, installation of the shower and toilet facilities and fitting of cloakroom furniture. We anticipate that this work will be completed by the Spring of 2020.

Work for the Spring/Summer will involve the construction of suitable landscaping facilities including paths from the changing areas, a patio area in front of the building, new disabled access facilities and refurbishment of the car park lighting.

Work is within budget and we have been able to secure additional funding from the CO-OP community fund which helps to alleviate pressure

There is still a lot of work that still needs to be done and anyone with a few hours to spare can help, particularly in such areas as decoration and cleaning.

Steve Park
November 2019

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